Polygraph Testing for Pre-Employment Screening When a Resume is Just Not Enough

Polygraph examinations are used to verify background information of potential hire's. Employers can no longer trust resumes and job application or business and personal references of prospective employees.. Please contact us for more info.


Learn the Truth
It is an unfortunate fact that shading the truth or actual outright lying has become widespread in our country. In recent years several highly regarded historians have been proven to have stolen other scholars' work. Student cheating has become rife. Fully way more than 25% of college students have submitted papers which they copied from the Internet.

Employers can no longer trust resumes and job applications of prospective employees because they know that when they check references people will never say anything derogatory for fear of being sued. Even well known journalists have been found to have fabricate stories.

Sociologists have ascribed such behavior to many causes, but whatever the case, it has become necessary not only for employers but for people in many situations to accept whatever others say or write with more than just a few grains of salt.

Avoid Potential Liability Risk
When people are involved in public health and safety such as hospital staff, pharmaceutical manufacturers, workers in oil refineries, chemical plants and public utilities, air line and railroad personnel, truck and bus drivers, they come in contact with great numbers of others like bank tellers, teachers, some specialized retail employees, workers in centers controlling the flow of sensitive information, etc. It is imperative to know these potential employees are what and who they profess to be.

To be certain, their background must be verified. A polygraph used by a certified expert examiner can be invaluable. More than five decades of experience have shown that results are in excess of 98% accurate.

Getting Permission
Asking people permission need not be seen as intimidating or invasive of their privacy. Today we have accepted X-ray and metal detector screening at all airport, government building and some private facilities as necessary and beneficial to all. With national borders becoming more permeable, terrorism epidemic and daily life more anxious, no one should be disturbed at being asked to submit to this simple procedure as long as it is made clear that everyone in sensitive positions are asked and that no individual is being subjected to discrimination.