Accredited Polygraph/Lie Detector Testing for Relationship, Employment, Theft, and Family Issues
When the trust is lost or in question in a relationship, it could take years to recover, if ever. In most cases, the evidence of INFIDELITY is not definitive. Please contact us for more info.

The only way to find out the truth is through a polygraph/lie detector test. Polygraph tests have been used extensively in relationship issues. This is one area of testing where experience makes a big difference. The wording of test questions is critical to achieve a successful exam; different people interpret words differently. This format is used to determine whether one partner has been intimately/sexually involved with someone other than his or her partner. Included in this format may be questions about dating, kissing, and physical contact with others. Since 1971, Accredited Polygraph Service's goal has been to provide its clients with accurate information they can rely on. All polygraph examinations are confidential and conducted professionally. Accredited Polygraph Services specializes in helping individuals and businesses find the answers to questions that are on their minds. This investigative tool, traditionally only utilized by police and government, is now available to individuals and private companies.

Personal History
This specific format is appropriate when a partner needs to verify aspects of his/her partner's background, such as sexual history, drug or alcohol habits, gambling, health issues (particularly STD's), and excessive financial obligations.

Internet Activities
Not all “cheating” requires physical contact. Polygraph can be used to determine the extent of “sexual” activities conducted over the internet, such as visits to pornographic sites, dating sites, visits to sexual chat rooms, interactive sexual web sites, or having “cybersex” (sexual chat) with someone who is not his/her partner.