What Is Polygraph/Lie Detector Testing Getting to the Truth of the Matter

Infidelity, or cheating, is only one of several topics that can be covered in a polygraph test. It is also effective in cases of suspected drug use, money issues, gambling, internet cheating, internet pornography, etc. Please contact us for more info.


The following example is a polygraph test session showing information requested based on an infidelity case. The entire polygraph procedure is completed in a single office visit. There is no time limit to the session.

All issues are discussed openly in front of the individual who will be submitting to the polygraph examination. The individual taking the test needs to know what issues are in question before the test is administered. For example:

  • Is my partner CHEATING?
  • Is he/she lying to me about this issue?
  • What else are they hiding?

After all the issues are discussed, the examiner will explain he needs to structure a series of questions to be asked during the polygraph examination. These questions need to be specific to your issues and concerns, yet the need to conform to a polygraph format. The questions used during the polygraph examination will enable the examiner to achieve a high level of accuracy.

Prior to the actual taking of the test, the examiner will review with you all of the questions that he intends to ask during the test. The question review is very important. It is done to insure that all the issues are covered. At this point the couple is asked if the questions are acceptable to them. Do they cover all the concerns, or do they need to be revised.

If the questions are acceptable to the couple, we are now ready to begin the testing:

  • The examiner and the person taking the test will be alone in the examining room during the polygraph test.
  • You, the person who requested the test, is asked to step into the waiting room where you can hear the entire procedure. You are not permitted to be in the examining room during the actual testing procedure. This is because you would be distraction to the person taking the test.
  • When the procedure is done you will be called back into the examining room and given the results.

Who is Using Polygraph Testing Today?
Clients requesting the polygraph test (or lie detector test) range from parents to corporations, law enforcement agencies to government offices, and medical fields including pharmacy, hospitals and nursing homes to financial institutions such as banks or brokerage firms. Benefits of knowing the truth could mend families and relationships, put a stop to lies and deceptive practices, or strengthen the work environment and save thousands of dollars in lost revenues as a result of theft or improper practices. In fact, here are just some of the more common examples of polygraph testing:

  • Cheating & Infidelity
  • Cheating Online
  • Parent/Teen Conflicts
  • Unresolved Family Matters
  • Suspected Drug Use
  • Suspected Gambling
  • Theft Issues
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Suspected Employee Theft
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Employee Investigations
  • Government Employee Investigations
  • Financial Institution Investigations
  • Transportation, Distribution, Mass Transit Employee Investigations