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Accredited Polygraph Services, LLC
Howard Temple, Polygraphist

Accredited Polygraph Services, LLC is overseen by Howard Temple, a member of the private sector and the polygraph industry since 1971.  Mr. Temple's goal has been to provide his clients with accurate information they can rely on. Mr. Temple has also served as a polygraph advisor/vendor for many law enforcement agencies.
Howard has also been featured in Business World Times. Click Here to view the full edition.

He received his training and was subsequently employed by the prominent Backster School of Lie Detection. He was a member of the American Polygraph Association before relocating the executive office to Florida. Additional training had been received in the fields of voice stress evaluation and psychological stress evaluation. Mr. Temple has conducted polygraph/lie detector examinations for a wide variety of clients including law enforcement agencies at the local, state and Federal levels, private industry in the manufacturing, retailing, financial, and legal fields, as well as for private citizens. Over the course of his career, Mr. Temple has served as an expert on several major TV shows, and radio news broadcasts. He has lectured at colleges, law enforcement agencies and private industry on the use of polygraph.